Michael Dickson MBA, CIMA   -  Tennis Canada certified TPA Club Pro.  Over 30 years playing, competing and coaching.  Played intercounty tennis in the UK for Sydenham Tennis Club and won various club events including Blackheath Lawn Tennis Club championships men's singles.   Coaching experience with City of Halifax recreation program,  Club Med Tennis Pro - Turks and Caicos and also coach to competitive juniors in Nova Scotia.



Jack Yee has been playing pickleball recreationally and competitively for many years and is a high level player, rated (4.7).  For the past 2 years, he has been the Pickleball Instructor at the Canada Games Centre in Halifax, teaching private and larger group lessons.  
Jack's passion and main goal in Pickleball is to help others understand and play this great game, both for leisure and competition. 




We have a network of Personal Trainers available to provide a training program tailored to your holiday at a gym convenient to the accommodation.