NCAA Recruiting


We provide advisory services in association with Hudson Athletic Sports Recruiting to provide support specifically for tennis student athletes in attaining a NCAA scholarship offer.

We work with the student athlete, family, coaches, and teachers to put together a profile brochure and video for each prospect that will highlight their academic and athletic achievements. This paints a picture of the individual’s work ethic, character, commitment, and aspiration.

In order to be as effective as possible with generating exposure it is crucial to have a marketing game plan in place. This involves promotion through various social media platforms. Coaches utilize multiple means to identify premier recruits including these components, so Hudson Athletics tap into all available resources to generate touchpoints. Hudson's social media channels are also connected with many of the coaches & programs and work closely with at the NCAA & U Sports level. This ensures they are seeing our student athletes early in the process, which increases the odds of being scouted moving forward.

Over the years Hudson Athletics have developed a vast network of College coaches and Athletic Directors at schools in both the US and Canada.  These coaches receive thousands of emails and calls from prospects and it is impossible to respond to all.  ​Coaches & programs will also contact Hudson Athletics to identify potential recruits for their programs. These requests may be general and for future needs, or they could be highly specific for current scholarship opportunities. 

Our goal is not just to land scholarship opportunities for those we work with. It is to guide them through their career, work through obstacles together, and provide information on each step along the way. This means utilizing resources for academic goal-setting, SAT prep, physical conditioning, identifying the right opportunities and much more. We communicate with transparency at each stage, and with the focus being long-term relationships with every family.

If you are an aspiring tennis player with good academics or parent of a talented player,  please contact us to help you navigate the NCAA recruitment process and achieve the best scholarship offer possible.

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